Based on artificial intelligence !!

* Website support digital marketing.   *For creative businesses  *New challenges and developments                                          Activate all images below for a "live result" !!!

I help you move forward with your advertising, ideas, and marketing with our A.I. Presentation Models. Translating existing royalty-free advertising text by industry, or with your supplied text. This is done via AI and is pronounced lip-synchronously. The sublime end result is rights,-and copyright free to record for use on your website or to forward via email to your industry peers/business partners and stakeholders.

Introduction to  Wine tasting. In what ways can wine be tasted? Generated text/voice                Code: MT/TW/ Hump  

Input to A.I. Textwriter EBook: Try to make up a story about a young woman named Susan. Input: Susan, Bakery, Braderie, Rotterdam...                                                   Code: TW/AVB

Whatsapp message with chosen background. 

                                                                        Code: Eng/VIDCR    

Invitation to an amazing and sumptuous dinner.

                                                                             Code: MT/AVB

Introduction to Wine tasting.  In what ways can wine be tasted. Generated text/voice                 Code: MT/TW/Hump

VoiceOver, Rudi Weingartner from Austria, talks about his culinary Italian discovery: the Pinsa-Pizza.           Code: TW


Presentation, intended for Colleagues Dutch Municipality.

                                                                                 Code: Hump/AT

The images and links below give an idea of the possibilities from the library of existing advertising texts and AI voice recordings. Available for many industries. Texts and backgrounds customisable.

" If you are looking for a reliable, professionel and             

   affordable printing service..."        Code: NicheD/MT/Humt 


" Looking for a notary to sign or verify your important       

  documents or paperwork? If so, you've come to the right 

  place..."                                            Code: NicheD/MT/HumT

" If you are looking for designer brows, or beautifully lined   eyes, permanent makeup may be the perfect solution. But,   you may have a lot of questions...".       C: NicheD/MT/Humt       

" If you are looking to a yoga studio..."  

                                                                           Code: NicheD/MT/HumT


                                                   LISTENING TEXTS: 

Texts on various topics converted and rights-free recorded by our A.I. Voiceovers !

Input text and conversion to voiceover: " Setting goals" .


                      Code: TW/Hump

Input text and conversion to voiceover: Chinese Zodiac Sign Pisces

                       Code: TW/Hump

Input text and conversion to voiceover: "Introducing the future using avatars with AI technology".  Code: TW/Hump

Explanation of input how this site was created.

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Video marketing for increasing sales and customer loyalty

                      Code: AVAB/TW

Use of opportunities through the Avatar library. Video deployment tool for marketing/advertising etc. 

                        Code: AB/TW

A good example of a costumer centric approach!

                     Code: AVAB/TW

Cooperation with colleagues as a bonus for success!    

                       Code: MT/AVAB

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